Tej Honeywine

Samet Tej

November 11, 2011

With my first batch of cider bottled and aging away in the cellar. I knew it was time to take things up a notch both in batch size (3 Gallon Carboy) and flavor by making my own Honey Wine or Tej!
I was first exposed to Tej at an Ethiopian restaurant and have been lovign it for years; the problem is that its typically not something you can buy at your local liquor store. Honey wine itself has been made for centuries by many differnt cultures, and is more commonely known as Mead. Mead however( at least in America) is is generally flat or uncarbonated where Tej has some level lof carbonation. My Tej is not 100% authentic as I did not use Gesho or wild yeast to start the fermentation process but used instead Red Star Champagne yeast.

Super simple to make, Honey wine is just fermented, honey and water at a 3:1 ratio

Following some advice I found on line I also addeed one cup per gallon of Earl Gray tea. My honey base consisted of 3 pounds of Mesquite Honey from Trader Joes. Tej takes a little longer to age than Cider 6 months vs 2. But the wait is well worth it since the taste is fantastic.

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