Marvin is a What ?

Ah the miracle of DNA. When Holli got me a DNA testing kit for Marvin, I wasn’t sure what the point was, from the rescue organziation we knew he was a mutt, half Boston Terrier, half Chihuahua … a Bochi. Well much like a guest on some sort of crazy dog version the Jerry Springer Show, I was shocked to find out he wasn’t a Chihuahua at all but a quarter Toy Poodle and a quarter Chinese Crested (which I had to google because I had never heard of it and it didn’t even look like a real animal, more like one of Ciera’s toy ponies). At any rate it’s interesting and we are accepting him for who he is. The short of it is, we will never find another dog like Marvin.


One Comment on “Marvin is a What ?

  1.  by  Holli

    Aw! I love this little boy – and I’m so excited to know what he truly is (aside from absolutely adorable)!


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