Garden 2013

So Saturday was our long awaited, highly anticipated (at least by me) 2013 Garden Day. Garden Day is typically devoted to all things gardening, from buying our plants at Wilson Farms to tilling the soil and actually planting the plants. For some reason, even though our garden is small, it usually takes the better part of an entire day. This year i decided to make a time lapse video of our work. It came out cool… I just wish there was a little more video. What’s crazy is I was worried that there would be too much video. But the built in function on my camcorder worked really well and took several seconds of video every two minutes.

This year, we planted a bit less than we usually do with an eye on giving each plan adequate room. Eggplants , Broccoli , Peppers ,Carrots and four types of tomatoes. Also I am doing some experimental work with beans and potatoes. We have a week worth of rain arriving so I hope everything survives.

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