Boston Traffic in Miniature Mode or the Tilt Shift effect

Miniature mode video or time lapse video shot using the “Tilt Shift effect” as it is known in photography has been popping up all over from the the opening of Steven Colberts new show to Singapore and Scotland to right here in Boston. This effect defocuses peripheral areas while keeping the focus point sharp and clear making a life-size subject look like a diorama. Saturation can be adjusted to emphasize the effect. There is a great explanation of how to produce the effect here.

Big props to Tcostello105 for his work below in Boston, for transforming what is normally a hot mess into a real life Richard Scarry’s Busytown!

Thursday afternoon traffic from the south side trains, to the express way and beyond. While using miniature mode on my Canon camera I made a quick montage of a few timelaspe clips between the trains and the traffic. Thought Instrumental Core’s “Time” by Han Zimmerman would be a fitting piece to this video. Thanks for watching.

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