Big Blue House: B-Roll Vignettes

I created this B-roll highlight piece using MotionVFX’s Vintage Slide show Template (Project 1058). Overall, I was really happy with how the video came out. It was super time-consuming, and even now that I am done I don’t feel like I had as much control over the individual frames as I would have liked. Each video had to be loaded into a drop zone, so unlike most Final Cut Pro timeline editing, getting control over specific frames was a bit tricky. I ended up re-editing video clips outside of Final Cut into larger more manageable looping composite chunks and then adding them to the template.

This was very time intensive and on top of that, rendering took forever. Part of that time suck may be how I store raw video remotely which normally is not a problem, but perhaps the volume of videos in this piece pushed my system to its limits. When it’s all said and done though, I am happy with how this video came out and the built in the atmospheric filters really gave new life to old clips. Enjoy!

* Update I created a second version of the project where each frame is now fully animated. Again the process was a huge learning curve and very time intensive, but overall I love how it all came out.

B-Roll Vignettes Version One

B-Roll Vignettes Version Two

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