Orange Line Commuter Fun

Third cartoon short made in FinalCut X using the mCharacter Plugin from MotionVFX. Each time I am trying to push the envelope a bit with the characters and their animations. Although still very crude and slightly primitive, I was excited to use my own Orange Line Sets(s) and incorporate real T sounds….

The Search For General Tso – Documentary

This mouthwateringly entertaining film travels the globe to unravel a captivating culinary mystery.

Rescued Film Project

How something like this could happen is super fascinating to think about. The fact that this film was eventually processed and still contained viewable photos is amazing. “Photographer Levi Bettweiser is the man behind the Rescued Film Project, an effort to find and rescue old and undeveloped rolls of film from the…

Beantown Brobots

Second animation short fully produced in Final Cut. I was able to work in some custom sets that I had created in AI as well as utilize a customizable background from the good folks over at MotionVFX. I learned a few tricks from my first cartoon and overall the process was a…

Sisters Goin’ Shopping

So this is my first fully animated cartoon short. Super simple and a bit primitive, but it uses several skills that I have been playing with over the last couple of years from Adobe Illustrator to Final Cut and Apple Motion. I learned a ton using the new Mcharecter plugins from the…